posted on: Thursday, August 25, 2016

I wanted to share these photos before they got lost in my camera roll! My sister and I took these right before we came to Turkey. We rarely get our photo taken together as a family unless we schedule a professional and really, who has that time? Anyway, it's nice having these! 
These pictures make me laugh because first, Sienna wanted to hold an umbrella. It wasn't raining, by the way. Then Penny wanted to wear my sister's purse and just looked hysterical! It's crazy how different they are, and Penny's little smirk just kills me. 

I love my family! They make me smile. 


posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy 8 year anniversary to us! We celebrated before we left home and had a nice dinner out without the kids. It was wonderful and we ended the night saying, "We should really do this more!" :) We celebrated early because we knew that the preseason is always crazy and we wouldn't have time to do anything. 

Well, we literally woke up and said goodbye and I sat on the couch wanting to sleep for a hundred years. I looked at my computer and saw the number sixteen from the calendar and realized it was our anniversary! I feel like people lie when they say they forget important dates. I mean, how can you really forget? Don't you plan for the day? Not us, apparently! 

Anyway, Happy Anniversary babe! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!


We made it to Turkey after a hilarious (not at the time) and infuriating landing experience. Apparently I have no sense of direction and got lost and ended up in the departing terminal. I went up instead of straight and I suffered for it! Anyway, we ended up walking for an hour after a ten hour flight looking for each other. It wasn't very fun, and I hope it doesn't happen again. 

Anyway, we all left the plane with the sniffles, thanks to the gross airplane-recycled air. It still blows my mind how we were healthy going in and sick going out. I would have rather just gotten a massive pimple, really.  

But we are here and are trying to get adjusted to the time. We are failing miserably, but hopefully soon we won't all be asleep at two in the afternoon. 

In a positive note, being jet lagged in Europe will literally force you to catch up on sleep. Your body has no choice, it must sleep. Unless you have kids and then you're basically in hell. 

Fun times. 


posted on: Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm sharing the last few photos of our trip to L.A. We stayed in the Los Feliz area this time around and we seriously fell in love. There is so much culture in east L.A. and the food! Oh man the food. We can't stop talking about it. Our family is sick of hearing us talk about food! It was just too good.

We are currently packing for Turkey and the house is a mess, and there needs to be like an extra ten hours in a day because there is not enough time! Anyway, I'm so excited to go back to Turkey, but for now let's relive some of California. :)
Paul Smith in L.A. is the perfect background for these two cuties! Pink makes everyone happy!
So many messages on the ground! 
I love that little belly! 
These two melt my heart. 
I think there's nothing more special than making memories with your family. We enjoyed this trip so much.

If you haven't noticed, I'm a big believer in food, and I realized I've never shared our favorites spots in L.A. Let's get on that! 

There are so many places to visit and eat, and we literally went crazy trying to go to them all. I mean, how could we not go and get red velvet churros?! We had to draw the line somewhere. The places we did visit were so memorable we went multiple times whilst there. 

Sqirl: Hands down our favorite place to eat in L.A. I would literally sell my left leg for their crispy rice bowl. The ricotta toast was delicious as was their french toast and brown rice porridge. Wash it all down with a latte and you're good to go. We came home with some home made jam too! 

Jeni's Ice cream: Great ice cream with awesome flavors. I love the wild berry and vanilla. 

Alfred coffee: But first, coffee! That's all you need to know. 

Blue Bottle coffee: Our favorite lattes! Their steel cut oats are delicious too! 

Guisados: What Mexican sorcery is this?! They make their own corn tortillas and they are amazing!  The bistek en salsa roja was my favorite. Get the horchata pretty please! 

Carousel Restaurant: Great middle eastern food. The beef kabob was delicious! 

Raffi's Place in Glendale: Beautiful restaurant with delicious food as well! Reminded me a lot of Turkey. 

Milk: They are known for their macaron ice cream sandwiches which are amazing, but I'm still thinking about their chocolate walnut cookie! 

Malibu Farm: We had a great skirt steak there and their chocolate cake was amazing! 

Farmshop in Brentwood Mart: We love the food here and the hummus is delicious! 

Notable mentions:

Urth caffe: Is always a favorite. Chicken pesto sandwich for me but Sammy prefers the chicken curry. The girls love their pizza too! The Arnold palmers are tart and delicious. 

Lemonade: Is a salad lover's dream! Green beans and chicken, avocado and tomatoes, tuna and tangerines! We have too many favorites. You also HAVE to try their lemonades. The cucumber mint is my favorite.

Sugarfish: Great sushi! Get the trust me and take that sucker home!

Our favorite place to walk around was Abbot Kinney in Venice. When I think of California, I imagine it to look like this. They have amazing boutique shops, where you are bound to find something cool and unique.

I think that's all folks! I will update if I forget something, which I'm sure I have. 
Are you hungry yet? :) 


posted on: Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I wanted to share some photos of our time in San Diego before the turn of the century! :) San Diego will forever remind me of "Anchorman," Sammy's favorite movie, and so we wanted to see all that Ron Burgundy was talking about. :)

San Diego was beautiful as is every city by the coast in California, it seems. It became one of our favorites because we literally ate so good there! Since the city is so close to the Mexican border, I had my expectations set pretty high about the Mexican food there, and we were not disappointed! We went to The Taco Stand in La Jolla and had the greatest Mexican corn on the cob ever! I'm sure songs have been written about that corn. It was glorious. Just thinking about it right now, I'd take a flight out west in no time! The tacos were great too. 

We also went to a place called Snooze where I'm sure God himself gave them the recipe for the greatest eggs benedict that has ever been made. We waited over an hour, but it was so worth the wait! Seriously, San Diego is a magical city blessed with delicious food. It's very easy on the eyes too! We also visited the San Diego zoo and the girls were super excited! Penny kept pointing at all of the animals and Sienna loved seeing all the elephants! We also saw polar bears and tigers and turtles! Most of the animals were taking their naps when we went, so we photographed a lot of sleeping tigers, but it was still a treat for the girls. 

We had a great time, and hopefully next year we get to go back! 

More photos of California to come! 


posted on: Thursday, July 14, 2016

 Before we celebrated Sienna's birthday in Disney, it was her ACTUAL birthday and we spent the day exploring Malibu. Like I mentioned before, I love driving (especially in California) and seeing the sights and beautiful houses. I literally could do it for hours. Malibu is pretty picturesque in the sense that every thing and every house looks so damn tranquil! This place is magic and incredibly relaxing to look at.

Last year, when we came to the pier, we wanted to eat in Malibu Farm, but they were closed. Side note: Some restaurants in L.A. close around four o' clock! What is the point? Anyway, we got there early and scored reservations. It's important to mention that the weather in Malibu that day (Sammy thought it was perfect) was freaking freezing. :) I know, I'm such a southerner. When we sang to Sienna after dinner, we were all covered in blankets. It actually made it kind of cozy. It was still a perfect day!

Some photos! 
She was so happy and that chocolate cake was amazing! Thanks for sharing with us Sienna. We love you! 
So dang beautiful Malibu!