Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello! How is the world right now? Is everything copacetic? We have survived the election season and I figured this would be a great time to start blogging again. :)

If I can share small, positive (sometimes not so positive) chunks of my day with whomever is inclined to read, then maybe someone's day will be a little brighter. 

I figured I would update on Penelope Joy at 22 months! Almost 23 months and almost 2 years old! She's still a ray of sunshine. Sometimes she's a cloudy day, but aren't we all sometimes. ;)

Some photos....
Penny is talking more and more everyday. Mostly she repeats everything that Sienna says. Sienna being the greatest big sister ever! She mostly asks for her "bobo" or pacifier. I realize I have made a great mistake in giving her that but she's sleeping through the night and that's all that really matters to me right now. :) Speaking of sleeping, Penny talks in her sleep. She legit speaks out phrases she hears in a show she watches. She counts. She says, "Hey!"

I mean, the girl is a communicator! In the last few months she has thrown epic tantrums. Ones that I will likely never forget anytime soon. She, like her big sister, has discovered that chocolate is indeed good for the soul. She calls it "kolay" which we still don't get. She sometimes calls me "Anne", which is mother in Turkish. After I stopped breastfeeding she refused to drink milk for a while, which gave her a new love, yogurt!

And just like Sienna at this age, she has fallen deeply in love with her father, which is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. They both run to the door when he comes home as they scream, "daddy!"

Miss Penny will be 2 soon and we're just loving her at this stage. Even Sienna has discovered that she too, likes 2 year old Penny. :) That is saying something! 


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